What life events happens in the book 1984? How is the life of people in 1984 differ from our life time? Share findings and what you think about life in 1984.

external image LIFE+1949+%235.jpg external image 1942-ambulance.jpg

These pictures show me just little glimpses into the world of 1949. The world in which the author lived in. Thier life loks a lot different than how we live. Take thus ambulance for example, It is alot like a normal carwith a small light and horn. Our time we have a huge red and white van with very loud sierins and very bright lights a top of it.

This picture reminds me when winston writes in his diary about this girl he saw under a street lamp, it reminds of this because he explains the girl she has a very

painted white face with bright red lips. eyeshadowlipstick-com.jpg

I feel like life in 1984 would have never been the life if an individual or just one person. No one has freedom of speech or thought, there is nothing that sets people apart from one another.
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This picture makes me relate to the book, it reminds me how everyone is in the same place. One step out of line sets you apart from other people, one step out of line can get you killed. Conforming to what the government wants is the only way to survive.